CABO 500 - The greatest escape of your $'s cause you will be screwed. Don't get that in any way as an "hate" action here, this is to inform and warn people that Cabo 500 is another fake Mike Overcast con. Neither Baja (north o south) nor the off-road sport needs such jerks leeching of it!
This is not an one time incident with that guy but goes on for years! Why??
  1. The guy operates in a legal "grey-zone". Agreements made in Mexico are not so easy to contest in the USA and in MEX the judicial system is not keen on gringos fighting each-other by court.
  2. The off-road community does not take steps to cut this guy of by simply following up on your RIGHTS of intellectual property (no matter if image altered or content stolen and altered). A DMCA is filed with 10 minutes - not worth the sport you like and support??? Works for us every time and very fast that stolen items are taken down as nobody wants to harbor stolen items.
  3. In Off-Road (same as in Baja Tourism) are plenty of folks that curse about the guy and call him whatever while behind the scenes they prostitute themselves and the sport or their country out for a few bucks he promises (that he often can not cough up)....
Just read what others have/had to say and form your own opinion (click images for larger display)
It's not one single opinion what this person states!!Google is your friend - search for "Mike Overcast+Offroad" or "Mike Overcast+Baja" or such combination and you find PLENTY! Any more questions??

The CABO 500 this year is scheduled as a night race - most likely it will be a very dark night without any moon and stars so you will see nothing. It's not the moon or the "night-race", it's plain and simple the fact that there is not such a race as a "CABO 500" - this is an con / phantasy made up by the well known Off-Road media terrorist Mike Overcast - he may used one of the many aka's he operates under like "Gary Newsome", "Cabo 500", "Speed Mex", "Janice Gilmore", "Hollister", "andymeyer", "Garner racing", "aj racing", "Baja Brad" - a well known Baja tourism scumbag that basically wants only your best, your $'s!!

Just a quick thumbs up. There is not such a race as a Cabo 500 or a Cabo 1000. This are the usual Mike Overcast fraud activity.
Be warned: this guy WILL screw you without kissing you first!!
Over 6 years of intellectual property theft, with the support of of MexPro Alan Kohl multiple plagiarism - tons of - we collect since 6 years - tons of not authorized re-broadcasts of SCORE + The Down & Dirty Radio Show.
It's to sad that this people - claiming to be pro off-road - not taking steps to protect their property.
We do and file instant DMCA take down notices.
After little while (hours) stuff is taken down. Works for us. Re-uploaded and published stolen reports are also common and easy to take of.
But hey, being big time in off-road and not doing somethings about that stuff means: you are not in title to claim to be pro off-road.
By letting that crook do WITH YOUR PROPERTY as he wish you support him and his malicious behavior against the sport of off-road and Baja California.

Also very sad to observe. On of Overcast's friends became the spokes person for SCORE after Norman took over. George Antill was (and is) still in close proximity to Mike Overcast and his fraud operations.
You should read the crap Antill replied when approached why he is supporting Overcast and appears multiple times on his so called "show"..... sad.

Google is your friend - search for Mike Overcast + Offroad  or Mike Overcast + Baja
Dont just check the first page - this guy is a crook for many years!!