Well, we don't think so, however as it is with opinions - they are wide spread.... Every individual has his/her own personal limits and tolerance to oversee this or that... however as a hardcore Baja Race fan and watching the brain-diarrhea spread at the internet under the cover of "serious" reporting for more than 2 years made the lid blow - not in a bad way, we are just good Samaritans.

We are sure these people just don't have the knowledge they pretend to have and maybe also lack some in intellectual potential to recognize: "...hey, this is not correct!" - that is where we are going to jump in and give a - helping virtual hand - we just correct the doo-doo and make the corrected content available here.

Let's just say we are the unofficial, most likely also unwanted, correction facility for Baja Racing News LIVE! We start today with 3 hiccups that cover a wide span dear Baja Race fans! Actually this reflects more or less the so called "reporting" over the past years that has been seen on that site and complained about by many people. It seems like even the DMCA gets violated multiple times and we as Baja Race fans, entitled to REAL Baja Racing News ask--Can we tolerate that from an ethic point of view?? No!!

Ok, the first brain-fart, ooops, sorry, the first false statement, ( and read the ending " Last year, right before the Baja 1000, another outfit announced a "bio-powered diesel baja racer" was running in the fall event. No such vehicle entered or raced. We are sure, none will enter or race this year. Gary Newsome - Baja Racing News.con"

Well, Mr. Gary Newsome - if that would be connected to the name you call yourself it would be Mr. Gary Falsesome. At last year's Baja 1000 Team Worthington Offroad ran a Dodge 4x4 RAM with a Bio Diesel that is also capable of running on pump diesel! This is also called a bio-powered diesel baja racer or do we have there a wrong point of view?? So , your statement:"No such vehicle entered or raced" is already false. Maybe only a little false so let's call it a falsito! Ooops - another one in the same sentence: "We are sure, none will enter or race this year" - Geeze sir!! Are you this arrogant and do not even check the entry list before making such statements on Baja Racing News Live?? Worthington Offroad is competing again with that vehicle - same set up!! The CorrectThor can only shake his head......

So we are asking: What's up with that AND the additional statement posted yesterday???

So let me ask you: how do you combat BS with BS?? Isn't that an oxymoron???