To all Baja Racing fans!! BE AWARE of internet thieves!! The most famous "Baja Racing News LIVE!" is continuing with copyright infringements as it has a history of multiple times in the past. Now we are here to correct false or only partially complete Baja Racing information that the scumbag at that site is publishing (yes, scumbag - well, actually more than that but somebody stealing as the publisher of this blog does is at least earn the title of scum). He misleads the general racing fan population with his brain diarrhea. Now this time it is not poorly written content - or even invented content - but it is a law violating activity. Unfortunately we cannot correct that and we are aware that steps are taken that will enforce the DMCA.

What's the deal?? had a phone interview with Martin Christensen, the team principal of All German Motorsports in Escondido. These people (at Puro Off Road) prepared that and have the exclusive permission from Mr. Christensen to publish this interview in audio on the Puro Off Road website. Guess what?? Mr. I-just-steal it comes and claims it as his interview:

Hold on, it get's even better. The scum did also steal the code from the and put's it into his so called Baja Racing News pamphlet style reporting stealing Puro Offroad bandwidth. This so called "hotlinking" and is a typical internet scum behavior.

And the icing on the cake?? He just adds another chunk of stolen content from the News Channel and boom - done!! That is sold to the Baja Racing fans as News!!!

Come on! This is cheap! I mean this is REALLY cheap, any ordinary street thief has more character.....