Hey folks - still here - and on leaning at one of this weeks "headline" from the lying Baja Race paparazzi and content thief:
"Dont go to Mexico, it's to dangerous...." and we have to ad; 'Dont read Baja Racing News or any other brain diarrhea like bajasafari.blogspot - you supporting a thief and liar if you do so."
I think that's a good headline and on top of it - it's the truth. So pass that on to all Baja racers and baja racing fans. We been busy otherwise yet no worry - interesting stories got picked up about this Overcast individual. Bitchiong about Mexico and how bad it is and using it to make some tax free money 'eh homeboy. Sure all registered in Mexico also 'eh?? Oh boy, you are in for a real big suprise content thief !! Das not fail - promise!!