Baja Racing is just like a human being, it's alive and lot's of fun. yet the human body has a opening to get rid of the waste. Unfortunately did Mike Overcast choose Baja Racing as his host to live of and to do so - since he can go nowhere else based on his popularity - he had to settle to live in that opening. I mean a @$$hole is the best place for that guy to be anyway. he must feel real cosy in that shit, but that is common at parasites.

Great job on that poster. Just a few things in doubt. Donkey's and pigs?? That guy has not such good taste! Anyway, Killer picture. I hope we do not violate any copyright when we post it here.

Another person hating Mike Gary Overcast. How come?? He's such a nice guy!!(In his own, deluted mind that is) Screw Baja Racing Overcast Thief