The Baja 500 is here and out he comes from under his rock stealing again or pretending to be the big guru providing you with all "the stuff". Be aware - any of the services on his so called website are free and available at many other way better and faster loading sites on the Web --- the exact same information he presents to you as his own creation.
We also have to issue a highly=propbable scam / fraud attempt. More on that later. We don't have that much time at the moment yet we remain here ( and many other places to warn people about this fraudster (so called by others). We could not verify the claims yet there is no doubt that what we can call this ethically deprived person is a thief and dealer. He has been stealing from us and selling these stolen goods as his. That called dealing if I'm not mistaken...I think it's called fencing in English......... Guess it's true this guy rides the fence in many areas of life.
Great post by The Guys writing this - could not be any better. Check also all the other links on here. 100 of cases of theft, racism, hate and lies.