Hi folks, Corrector on duty here correcting from the correctional facility involved with Mike Overcast the thief. He had another brain fart we need to point out to the general public.

it just shows: that guy is more as human basura. Lashing out and later stating "no denials have been received from xxxxx xxxxx" is done for one reason:

he want's to use the word "cystic fibrosis" which is in SEO terms a good keyword to attract traffic. It's to sad that it gives a guy like you just one more visitor to you hater website. I am surprised Google is supporting that and providing a platform for this hate, we will instantly send a report on that to Google on that.

After all: BAJA RACING NEWS LIVE from Baja California and the love for Off Road Desert Racing-Baja Racing, Offroad trucks, tires, engines, tools & new offroad gear has nothing to do with cystic fibrosis but hurts the person involved....

By the way Mike Overcast, in the extra for you established cor_rectional facility, we have tools, tools just like a racer would use to work at his trophy truck or any other offroad truck, heck ones could even consider offroad gear a tool, well our tools are just like that or alive!! yet they have such tools in correctional facilities that are correcting your little brain farts. Let's call the tool "Flocki".
Flocki real likes to see you. Why?? You remember the movie K9 I think was the name, with Belushi and that dog. Remember the scene in San Diego in bar, the one with the 8-ball. Flocki likes to do the same, seem to be a trademark of that breed and no one could say "Das fail" cause he just likes doing it 100% correct, no solicitation falsehoods or so when he does his job...... The question would be now: how hard are you balls... they sure need to be better as them standard 8 Balls....

There been rumors that the gen-pool Flocki originates from has a higher IQ average at you and I myself wondering at times respective all the correcting I have to do shows that there is some to it.

This is personal contemplating, in no way based on any credible source and I been more as willing to apologize when I could write: denials have been received from Mike Gary Overcast.