What Michael G. Overcast don't want YOU - as Baja Racing fan - to know about his activities, plagiarism, stolen image manipulations, racist remarks and lies!!

Here on Baja Racersnews Live! Baja Racers News is is conducting a follow-up story. STAY TUNED>>>

Baja Racers news EXCLUSIVE from La Paz with our freelance reporters Jose Cuervo and Limo Peru about southern Baja Racing activities. Is Cabo 100o in trouble???

Southern Baja Wanna-Be organizers try to rip a few newbies of a tip in 2009 and the activities Explode into SCANDAL!

Sunny Baja Sur - a overcasty place with shady activities...????? More loading.....

In my humble opinion: Mike Overcast, a.k.a. M.O., Gary Newsome and many, many more fake names = con artist by definition wordnet.princeton.edu

Of course we could be wrong but with that history..... read the links!