What a lame-ass place the internet is at times. The scumbag is leeching of the sport, stealing and dealing for years. Lot's of talk about it yet all that is... talk. Everybody is bitching about the Mike Overcast thief but nobody does anything about it.

And if somebody does he's put in the same basket with that stealer and deal. So be it, I figured a long time ago: "if one deal in some way with shit one consequently stinks like shit" Kinda like the plumber that comes to make your toilet work again and is up to the elbow into shit.... - does that make the plumber a bad guy???

It's a big disappointment to get dirt thrown at you for doing thew right thing. Whatever, even today, 9:00 am, the day after the Baja 500, I receiver hater mails - for what?? You guys seem to be all real fair sports men I have to state....

The Mike Gary Overcast thief is getting his kicks out of it, was all over the website already. All you guys throwing dirt at me - does not do anything to me in sense off giving up to make public when he steals or lies or deals.

he stole from me before the last baja 1000, on off the interviews we as little website have a hard time to get anyway and we don't like to be stolen from

Mike Overcast stole from us, he stole our time preparing this interviews with Martin Christansen, he stole from us server resources by hot linking and he stole from us by publishing it as his.

So no matter Overcast thief - you may even have some friends in the sport ( i real doubt that but hey: there are always a few people with a taste-perversion ) - we will post and publish about your stealing and dealing as long as you do it, here and everywhere else we can.
We don't work with rumors or contemplating, we got proof, no matter how many Friederichs and other law people you have look at our sites - you are a thief, no attorney in the world can change that. So - our "race" goes on to show people: Mike Overcast and the wannabe BajaRacingnews, bajaSafari and other shitty sites, domains running not even ONE real website but free google blogs - count on it: we are there to watch you. Go back under the rock you came crawling out so the offroad has peace from your hater - and bullshit you spread.

And yes, we know our english writing is shitty before you pull your racist crap again but: I speak 6 languages and can comunicate, how many do you speak?? I dont know you and if you would not stolen from me I give a rip of you. Any person with a little intellect looks at your crap and moves on as we did before. You just made a mistake and being the usual Overcast - M.O. thief and this was one time to much being a thief and dealer as you are Mike Overcast.