hey folks, thanks for the mails send the past 2 month. Yep, we will NOT seize to point out the activities of the thief that stole from us 9as he does from others) Mike Gary Overcast is a thief and looking at the activities he displayed the last 2 mon th he never will change.

Unfortunately we doo have a "real" life also - with honest work - we know Mr. M. Overcast is not aware of such words or activities, he ruther is a dealer and sells the content he steals from other websites as his. The old saying continues: the dealer is like the stealer.

Anyway - we do have some new information and WILL post it within the next few days, maybe by the weekend. Remember all the people killed and hidden by a tire company and a motorcycle company?? This gonna be the starter of our EXPOSURE

More loading >>>>>>>>> ROFLMAO (by the way, that stands for "Roll on floor laugh my ass off"