I'm even more delighted to see how much Mr. Mike Overcast is concerned about racing permits as he expressed so explicit in regards to the - now unfortunately canceled - Mexican 1000 Rally. What was all that hype about?? This people had their permits all the time in order.

Sr. Becerril is not aware of any conversations with named publication nor a person called Jose Lima - maybe it was Jose Jose Cuervo in your mind where you are definitely an "legend" M. Overcast.

Also we could not investigate how much money the governor of Baja California Sur received from SCORE. This must be some "deep inside" source providing that information.

What we could investigate is that there are:

  • a) not such a thing as a Cabo 1000

  • b) no applications for such an event been ever filed
  • c) Mr. overcast is announcing a race and ask participants to violate the law

This "Unsanctioned, illegal" event promoted by Mr. Overcast has more the reason to "rip some tip" out of unaware people's pockets, 'eh??? be careful and ask 10 times before paying any deposits. The gentleman has an history of keeping money with lame excuses.....

One thing we have to say that guy is real good at; surfing the net hiding behind some proxy's. What a joke, you think the IP is all that gives you away dumb-fck????