Just to avoid that there are any false assumptions being created we here at the Mike Overcast correctional facility have to set a few "overcasty's" straight again. We spare some of our valuable time to listen every week to the so called "Baja Racing News Live Radio Show" since the individual in question seem to move some of his activities into streaming and distributing it this way over the internet.
Several of the announcements made have the appearance that this guy os providing services to the race fans in regards to the upcoming Baja 1000 desert race. Well folks - he has a tendency to get there a little overboard with statements "we have..." (see below the image)

According to the numbers on the image:

#1 Is a website from/by Norman Motorsports you can visit here: http://race.ionearth.com/2009/score/baja1000/norman_motorsports.html Mike Overcast has nothing to do with that or provides any services but plain and simple provides a link.

#2 Is a tracking page also on ionearth showing the Team Vildosola positions http://race.ionearth.com/2009/score/baja1000/vildosola.html Mike Overcast is not providing this services and is only providing a link from his free Google blog to this page

# # Is a link - again not by any services M.O. provides neither has he done the Robby Gordon interview put plain and simple links to a section of the Speedfreaks website http://www.speedfreaks.tv/gallery/display.sd?iid=4657

#4 Is a podcast from PitpassRadio and is not provided and taken by Mike Overcast but plain and simple linked to a podcast file. You can listen to the Jonny Campbell interview anytime by visiting http://www.pitpassradio.com/?p=1555

So the whole story is the usual - same old, same old. M. Overcast and his editorial staff (fantasies aliases) claims repeateatly : "we have this" and 'we have that" but the reality is plain and simple: he has nothing besides a few links to website that actually either created that content he try's to sell as his or are at least in title to be given credit for. This is a technic called "Trafficking" which again is defined as "making, selling, giving away, or otherwise offering" by the means of using other peoples work to receive compensation for other services offered additional.

Highly fishy and clear in the beaten path of the search engine spammer and con artist Mike Overcast. Calling out races he's not related to, pretending to be a promoter etc. is a many years old problem with that person.

Be aware and use for Live webcasting and race casts of the Baja 1000 reputable websites which are easy to find.

We are in process to investigate on a so called "sponsor" announced by him also, mexicoishot.com - a Mexico investment thing we only found one working page and googeling the name on that page was not very satisfying looking at the results.... More loading >>>>>>>>>