RUMOR has it that MO was at the MINT 400 and was punched in the face......
Also, according to his post (image at lower end is General Tire a "pedophiles loving sponsor". Count on that we will ask about this tomorrow first thing General Tire and Continental!

Some comments from other websites we do back 100%:

"It wasn't Bill Savage but that is close. He was pushed by one loyal hater first and then the other hater punched him in the face. He deserves what he got!"

"2 free 8x10s of your choice to whoever did it."

"I am in on giving contingency stuff too.... Proof or replay required."

"i wish it was me and then i would have paid a homeless guy to T-BAG him"  (we VERY MUCH agree on that)

"Man, I wish I would have seen him.. I woulda had a little "accident" pushing the racecar through tech..."

"I guess MO is reading here and he is now calling himself scary "Monster Mike" and he has a crew too! Read this garbage from his altar ego Gary Newsome's website. Like the p@#sy would really pay up. Also now you know where he claims to be on Mondays at 6pm"   (<<<<< yeah, he would pay up like he did with other prize money he offered in that past........)

Click image for large display

"Kicker, I will personally drive you down to where this p**** is to watch you kick his pansy ass."

The "master" of post and removals....

"Ill buy the Hero free drinks all night. Hell, I will even buy a drink for MO, but than throw it in his face."

 "Lets just get him all by his self somewhere and then let a girl kick his arse. I was thinking Jamie (gg) would beat the crap out of him for all his slandering. PS I will through in some compensation also."

 "we have to keep the date on the Low though... we wouldn't want mr. newsome, overcast, cruz, black e media... or whomever else he is today, to go into hiding...."

"Sadly, the coward took his $1000 offer off the table already.... hmmm..  I guess you can add to his list of crimes... glad I took a screenshot!"  <<<<<< So did we..... see above and below....