One member of our valuable editor staff, Gerry Knewsome II, received more information / statements from members of the off-road sport. We can not verify the content yet we don't doubt it also. Behavior and action pattern of the individual in question - Mike Overcast aka "Monster Liar" - indicate that be very well reality. Underlined content is from our source.
A SoCal off-road club had a guest speaker at one of their meetings, he went by the name of named "Gary Newsome." (one of Overcast's aka's). He asked the Club to have a couple of members act as if they were gay and "come out of the closet", using his media of course. He said that it would "expand the sport." wtf is with this guy? THIS IS A TRUE STORY!

More from the source:
Questionable sexual proclivities, you may be thinking? You be the judge. He was seen walking around NORRA Contingency with his VERY young male companion, wearing matching "Big Oly" T-shirts and carrying what looked to be a couple of surplus CHP helmets. Golly Mr. Dicknibbler, are you real race car driver? Has anyone seen this fellow's ride? It's an old clapped out (get this) BRONCO TWO! Now there's a wise choice in an off-road vehicle.

The source also talk about the event in San Diego hijacked by Overcast
You may even see it at the "Baja by the Sea" festival this Saturday in San Diego.
This celebration of Mexican lifestyle and cuisine has also fallen victim to hijack by one of his boring and redundant websites. Perhaps an adjacent link is touting personal security or the extreme danger of travel in Mexico.
Pick a side for f***s sake. Can someone be OCTOPOLAR?

Other Baja 500 news. A SPECIAL INVITATION to all Baja Racing Fans! The SCORE Baja 500 is coming up. Dont worry about the invention of the Animal House title, it's just a regular Baja 500 for real racers and race fans. Keep in mind that BAJA 500 UPDATES DAILY! - visit the sources of real information which are easy to find: search for anything that has NO connection with Overcast and you got them. "ANIMAL HOUSE" is Mike Overcast B.S. - he's using some name that shows good at some relevant searches to get a little more traffic.
This is all Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE!!

Also we want to bring to your attention that - and we can confirm that - is in NO WAY related to Mike Overcast. They state that clearly on their website.