let me ask you a question folks: Why would somebody a) use an image that displays a group of people not related to him and b) use the name of a 3th party website poorly Mikey-moused on to the image from a) if he has not some fraudulent ideas??? Alone the fact of taking somebody images from another website and modify them to use on it's own gratis Google Blog without them knowing is fishy. Heck, that stinks!!

Click image to enlarge

So folks - general warning. A larger race is coming up. Baja 500 updates can be found at many credible sources. Most likely clown and con man Mike overcast will offer his "pit services"... Let me tell yuou one thing: he only want's your best!! Your Dollars!!! He has NO infra structure and ZERO credibility in the off-road world so think twice before you get screwed without even get kissed first.....

Just incase - since our Animal House director Mike Overcast likes to post and remove images in a quick frequence when busted for another steal here also the html code.