Despite our very, very tight schedule them days just a reminder: Don't trust any-thing that is in relation to any of the below listed names:
Michael, mike, mike overcast, Mike Gary Overcast, Monster Mike, overcast, overcaster, weather overcast,

as well the aka's:

"Gary Newsome", "Cabo 500", "Speed Mex", "Janice Gilmore", "Hollister", "andymeyer", "Garner racing", "aj racing", "Baja Brad"

Make sure you understand that some of the names are used double i.e. one time by the clown and slanderous wannabe Overcast and one time by legit users.

You can get a rough idea how that guy works, "...stiffed a trustee of the second on his house" for example:

You run into this names or aka's in anything in relation with Baja, Baja Sur, Racing, Racing News, webcast and we extreme strongly suggest to get at least one other opinion!! Mike Overcast
is known for years for his shady practice's all over the off-road industry as well in Baja and Cabo San Lucas. if you feel like getting the elephant-shaft you are dealing with the right person. Everybody else: run as far as your leg's carry you to get some distance between you and that Mike Overcast individual.

There is a reason why this guy is banned and hated all over the place!! Being a scum bag is just one of them.....

Do sufficient research and you find about everything you can imagine.... Stay clear from that guy is our advise: stay clear of Mike Overcast is our overcast or the screws going to poor down on you!!

We collected a serious amount of data but had no time to publish the last few weeks at all.

We also have soon our "Overcast paper" finish showing connections from individuals and enterprises that are related and or friendly up to supportive of the off-road media terrorist Mike Overcast, the thief Mike Overcast (at least in one case we can claim that) and the dealer Mike Overcast (same, in one case we have proof). From SoCal and Col to Baja Sur a surprise list of people that plain and simple give a sh@#% to make a buck and a half..... Some of them even openly ranting about the questionable individual Mike Overcast.

Slanderous publishing, racism, plagiarism, content theft is NOT covering "relevant issues"! Stealing content is NOT the "real-deal" but plain and simple as the name sez: T H E F T !!!!!

Don't flatter yourself commenting totally blown out of proportion about the coming Baja Mexico crime wave when you a thief Mike Overcast!!

Made up stories are NOT "inside stories" - the only inside they reflect is your sick brain and your quest for some attention. You probably have a short penis to Mike Overcast that fit's your ego!!

What is the deal on that????   We are in no way related or know the people of this blog. We know there are many out there showing one way or the other "their love" for scum bag / douche bag Mike Overcast yet this is even better"

Let us quote: "I can stoop down to your level and show pics of you having sex with a ladyboy in TJ but I don't" Now that is pretty strong. however we would not be surprised by an individual of the qualities as Mike Overcast is showing the past years. We could only contemplate on that.
We have only proof in incidents involving us (as victims) of theft and related criminal activities yet still think it should be know what the Monster Mike guy is accused of somewhere else....