What else is new..... The guy is just a fraudster with many, many victims.

Not so incredible news from a credible source.......

I got in touch with the real Gary Newsome to verify some fact for an ongoing procedure. He was very easy to find, after all he has "his" website, incl. link at hoM.O.'s B.S. site.

They guy is a writer and was very surprised. He received a few hater mails in the past but never investigated why. Below are excerpts from mails from the "real" Gary Newsome from Virgina. in particular the last excerpt I received this morning is interesting. (3 warrants, which is not correct since there are 4, but the guy covers only the US I assume)
B.t.w. this guy is a writer and quiet serious to make sure abuse of his name comes to and end and will take steps whatever he can to do so.....
We all know that aka was a fake, however, good to have it as a statement on the internet to be picket up by search-engines and placed in search results together with bajaracingnews.com....... (important: not baja-racing-news.com ~ that has nothing to do with hoM.O. and acts as a whistle-blower)

The complete e-mails will be put online to view in a few days, I'll post the link.

It was certainly an interesting conversation today as I have never before been contacted through a WHOIS search, but I would indeed like to help in your efforts to restrain Mr. hoM.O. (I replace the name with hoM.O., it just suits better ....)
I attest that I do not now or have ever known hoM.O. of Bonita, California, anyone else by that name, or have had any knowledge of him or Baja Racing News until 21 October 2010. My only times in California were a brief posting at Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1982 and while visitng friends in 1986. I also attest that, until our telephone conversation, I had no knowledge of his using my name or any others to distribute any intellectual property to which he did not hold copyright. I did not at any time authorize hoM.O. or any other party to use my web site or identity for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, and consider this usage of both to be harmful.
I'm grateful for the links you supplied me and happy to see he has been exposed, but you might also ask your solicitors to consider ........... of the United States Code, which covers criminal activity. It might be possible, based on the number of people involved and the nature of ........., to consider this under the ................ Act. It's been awhile, but I believe the citation is .........., and an interesting aspect is that it also allows aggrieved parties to file suit in civil court. The mention of the ......... is often sufficient.
I will likely be unable to file a civil suit here in Virginia because it will be difficult to show loss or damages, but I plan to look at options. I'll keep you informed and I thank you for calling me.
This morning received

It appears his real name is .......... ......... .......... ......., has warrants for arrest pending in three states, and filed for bankruptcy in 2009. It appears Overcast is rather well known in San Diego and the off-road community. They've gotten quite good at spotting a new alias, and tracking his old ones.
I'll pass along anything else.
(I could not verify this info but I know this are paid for research results and the input given to researcher makes it almost certain it is anybody else....)

There will be more very interesting news right after the Baja 1000 in regard of hoM.O. as well the entities cooperating with him in the US and Mexico..... quiet interesting to see some of the double faced cowards hanging out in the sport, making money of the sport and buddy up with that ethical deprived lowlife....