And again is liar and content thief Mike Overcast operating his highly questionable "newscasts" by using unaware peoples names to his advantage.
This time Corry Weller is his victim. (see screen shot below).
We informed Corry Weller and Weller Racing on this situation and got this information o-tone:"Thank you so much for the alert re: what MO is saying! I have never spoken to Mr. Overcast, nor have I told anyone that I will be doing any reporting for them at the Parker 425! This is a complete lie and fabrication……and I don’t want my name associated with Mr. Overcast in any way."

The individual Overcast Mike, operating with many different aka's as: "Gary Newsome", "Cabo 500", "Speed Mex", "Janice Gilmore", "Hollister", "andymeyer", "Garner racing", "aj racing", "Baja Brad" is well know FOR YEARS for his slanderous publishing, racism, plagiarism, content theft and much more.

He is known within the Off-Road industry as "hoM.O." or "douchebag"

Doing a simple search on Google for Mike overcast+Off-Road (like in this link provided: which will brings you to Google) shows you TONS of DIFFERENT people in a time frame of several YEARS saying all the same: Mike Overcast is a liar, thief, plagiarism-artist, fraudster, con-man - most hated person in off-road alone for this reason. (He claims to be hated for reporting the truth - hahahaha, what a joke! Fabricating stories and slanderous reporting he considers the truth - besides of stealing content and images - intellectual propery - modifying it and selling it as his) / KLPZ 1380am has been already at last years race informed - they are aware of the, what they call "controversy" yet still provide another time a platform for this most despicable individual.
We have to assume that stealing a car, selling drugs or the robbery of a store is also an "controversy" in the eyes of the folks at / KLPZ 1380am. Wow - you guys stink!!!
You don't discriminate?? What a joke. How about the countless people that got stolen from by Overcast?? How about the many folks north and south of the border that got hurt with insults and lies??? You don't discriminate them also by providing Overcast a platform to make himself present roaming for the next victim!!
KLPZ 1380am this attitude stinks. You guys know that guy is lame, major lame!!

Who knowingly supports Overcast is just the same as him: a pariah!
Honest people take at least some distance if they dont have the back-bone to stand up against lowlifes like Mike overcast.

Read this statement by one of the most known Trophy Truck / Trick Truck drivers regarding scumbag Mike Overcast.