This is only to point out and warn you!! Check The Big Cabo 1000 Fraud here.

Mike Overcast the person banned on most off-road media publications (for a reason) Google Mike Overcast + Off-Road or M.Overcast + Baja and view the many different search results from different sources. Are they all wrong...???? Think twice. (Clicking the links will bring you to Google overcast Search results)

Overcast M. aka "hoM.O." or "Douchbag" - called by offroad industry insiders - and BajaRacingNews banned from Baja. Read more here and here (spanish)

Stay tuned for our upcoming "Who are the double-faced off-road traitors on the sport" that official bitch about him and his slanderous reports (in particular at the RaceDeZert Forum) and behind the scenes do business and communicate with him, supply him with information.
Why do people, in the country where you get sued for millions for a cup cafe sold to hot, not act when they are accused to be drug users or people that break the law??? Somethings fishy is to be unearthed.... Is he acting as agent provocateur??? Rewarded by that same people that have their names thrown in the dirt and spit on????