Mike Overcast, what are you talking about?? Smoking that funny tobacco again you smuggle??? (besides of pirate-copied DVD's and fake T-Shirts you have produced south of the border). Who you are talking about?? "Death threat message board video company owner" is who??? Your friends at Race-Dezert.com Klaus Rasch and Curtis Guise you named a couple of dirtbags here???

For the audio alone go here >>> http://swift.fm/#!/bajaracing_news/swift/151172/

What death threats?? A post from a third party you felt was a violent threat against you that was removed. Why are you so sensitive?? You are stealing and ripping people of for YEARS Mike Antony Overcast (including us). Somebody calls you a thief, scumbag, conman, crook, douche-bag, lowlife etc. is not a death threat, it's the reality based on the facts how you operate.
And what about MAD media?
Seems like you dont like people that move on and do somethings for the sport while you are a parasite Mike Overcast and BajaRacingNews and your many aka's are leeching of the sport and of Baja with artificial created fake news, stolen and modified images, plagiarized content, hot-linked files and unauthorized usage of copyrighted and trademarked logos.
Life with the fact that you are a low-life. Hang out with your "buddies" like the "voice of off-road" George Antill that dies phone stories with you ("oh I dont bash nobody" does not count Antill, you hang with a thief and the same guy that throws the people under the bus that pay you or you call friends), the power-strike battery guy that gives you a voice, McNeil Racing Inc. Perry's Fab n Fiber that seem to like you for whatever reason they occasional appear on your "5 listener radio shows", Doug, Hayduk, the WickedGravityVideo guy, your special, back-ground buddy, supply you with "insider" news while on the open try to maintain distance to you and so on.....