Mike Overcast BajaRacingNews operating under multiple aka's including but not limited: "Gary Newsome", "Cabo 500", "Speed Mex", "Janice Gilmore", "Hollister", "andymeyer", "Garner racing", "aj racing", "Baja Brad", "Pussiebaech" and considered the most hated person in Off-Road Baja Desert Racing for unjustified character assassinations of people he does not even know respective people that know ABOUT him and do not want to deal with him. Or as a famous Trophy Truck driver and team owner stated: "Mike Overcast is the most despicable person I have ever seen as a so called reporter."
Well exact this Mike Overcast - insider call him mainly "Douchebag" or hoM.O. claims now that General Tires and their mother company is participating in fraud, "fixing" race results and is selling - o-tone Mike Overcast - "shit tires".

hoM.O. also claims that BJ Baldwin said recently, "The General Tires are shit". After switching from General Tire sponsorship to the TOYO brand and that Carl Renezeder's (Off-Road short-course racer) performance for the last several years hurt because of the tires.

Now after that digital lowlife and thief (yes he stole from us we have plenty of proof and like to serve a demanda when we ever find that scumbag in Mexico) published his claims and the negative message got indexed he removed it again in the typical way he operates. We do not want to get into his "business model" but he does make money with all of that as well he makes money with all of the racers and personalities that let him walk all over them digitally pissing on them. That bunch of yellow cowards is just s bad as that scumbag himself.

It will interesting to see if GT Tires will also let him make his claims...... (he also claimed the same in his last audio lie-cast).
Bellow you find screenshots and a link to the cache.
We will continue to make his lies transparent as we do for years. Google for "Mike Overcast + Off-Road" or for "Mike Overcast + Baja' and you will find tons of statements about this person going back for many years by many different sources....

Cached Link to the "General Tire fraud selling shit tires" click here!

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