Tequila Los Valientes supporting Mike Overcast BajaracingNewsLive NORRA 1000 rip-off fraud! The well know fraudster Mike Overcast and his BajaRacingNewsLies fraud-blog continue with intellectual property theft and falsevertising. This time with the support and sponsorship of Tequila Los Valientes - we called them several days back and a) verified that they do in fact support Overcast and b) informed them what culprit that guy is and where to find more information and resources to independently verify our claims. As well we mailed them sufficient information! (screen-shots below)
Any somewhat legit company with a little ethical DNA in the company structure would pull any support of a crock as that guy is - OR, as they did, do nothing cause they are with him. We will, and ask anybody else as well, to boycott Tequila Los Valientes for supporting the #1 enemy to the off-road sport and Baja California!!

So shame on you Tequila Los Valientes!!
You are acting with and support a thief and fraudster. WE will boycott your products so do our friends.

Overcast used maps created by Scott Whitney which Scott published at the Race Dezert Forum at the NORRA 1000 thread. Scott Whitney DID NOT give any permissions (we confirmed that with Scott W.) to Mike Overcast to take this maps, modify and "re-brand" them to "Cabo 1000" and re-publish them.
Cabo 1000 is one of Mike Overcast's fraud operations used to extort money of newbies to Baja or the off-road sport.

It is not an existing race, it never was anything official
etc. - plain and simple a hoM.O. "Molester Mike" Douchebag fraud tool like several other free Google blogs he uses.

Original maps as stolen from  Race Dezert NORRA 1000 thread from Tequila Los Valientes supported Mike Overcast thief and crock as he does for years. Just check the supported page you see how gives that guy money to steal from honest people.

With his action is he "piggy-packing" on the running NORRA 1000 historical rally from Mexicali to San Jose del Cabo. And since he was acting for years undisturbed by the most of his victims as well the majority of the so called "off-road scene" he still reaches some folks with his lie-blogs and it's always the newbies that become victims and get ripped of!!

We talked to them early enough and advised them what they are doing, so THEY DO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE IN WITH, we send them sufficient information by e-mail so they have enough sources to get additional information and do not have to consider they deal with one person that has some personal issues with hoM.O. Overcast. We dont - we just dont like thieves, be stolen from and do not watch to have the same happen to others:

Contact them and tell them what you think about them supporting Overcast and by doing so such theft and fraud as he does for years and now again.